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About Youth Programs

Oneida County Habitat for Humanity mobilizes young people ages 14 to 20 in the efforts to eliminate
substandard housing. Youth Programs are encouraged to do age appropriate activities independently and
as groups in partnership with Habitat to help fund projects, conduct work on site or participate in A Brush with Kindness projects with our local affiliate. It brings young people from all walks of life together to play active roles in transforming their communities through teamwork.


• Learn teamwork skills.
• Learn leadership skills.
• Gain a better understanding of their community and poverty housing.

The four goals of our Youth Program are to:

• Involve youths in their community.
• Engage youths in Habitat’s mission of eliminating poverty housing.
• Foster teamwork among diverse groups of youths.
• Develop youth leaders.

Habitat for Humanity’s Youth Programs mission:

To build partnerships among volunteers, families and the community to transform lives and revitalize neighborhoods.

Habitat Harvest

“A Growing Project”

Building vegetable gardens is a perfect way to get area youth involved with Habitat and the community.
It’s the perfect solution for cultivating both food production for families in need and community.

The Habitat Harvest project will be a work in progress for sustainable gardening. Introduced by Oneida County Habitat for Humanity, Habitat Harvest is about partnering with our area youth in growing neighborhoods and helping families save money while adopting healthy eating habits with inexpensive, homegrown food,”

Habitat Harvest pairs together eager young gardeners with homeowners. When neighbors come together and co-operatively grow food – good things happen.

The Habitat Harvest vision is to help achieve a common goal of providing all citizens with the opportunity for quality and healthy lives. To strive to help low income, disabled and elderly Oneida County residents provide healthy opportunities with fresh home grown produce to maintain healthy lives and families. Habitat Harvest is a youth program – community service project that provides a wonderful compliment to the work that Oneida County Habitat is engaged in to provide simple, decent, affordable housing to our neighbors in need.

To apply for a Habitat Harvest garden, please download and complete an application here or visit our “ABWK” page.

Youth Program – Age Requirements

Age Requirements: While there is no age maximum to work with Habitat for Humanity, volunteers must be at least 15 years of age to work in our ReStore or Office if accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to work on an active-passive construction site. We require a ratio of 1 adult per 4 volunteers under the age of 18.Construction Requirements

  • Ages 14 – 15: May assist with some site work such as painting and landscaping. 14 and 15 year olds cannot be present on an active construction site.*
  • Ages 16 – 17: May assist with any project approved for 14 and 15 year olds, plus painting and maintaining Habitat lawns.
  • Ages 18 and over: May participate in any aspect of the homebuilding process.

*If anyone on a site is 14 or 15, activities for the whole group must be age appropriate for 14-15 year olds

 To sign up to volunteer or to request more information on our Youth Program (click here)

To download a Minor Waiver (click Here)

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