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Join Our Team!

As the locally run affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, we are an ecumenical Christian organization working in partnership with people in need to build and renovate decent, affordable housing in Oneida County. To accomplish these goals, we invite people of all backgrounds, races and religions to join us in building homes, communities and hope.



This team is responsible for all aspects of public relations, including overseeing social networking sites, the website, and relations with the press; sending email campaigns; designing brochures, emails, signs, and t-shirts; photography; and generally raising OCHFH’s profile in the community. We assist other teams by publicizing their efforts. We need people with graphics, public relations, writing, photography, advertising and website management skills.


You will be surprised to find how eager people are to support our organization when they understand the principles of Habitat for Humanity! We are looking for people who can identify and approach potential donors in the community for support. This team also needs volunteers who can assist in developing fundraising materials as well as help with grant writing.


This team aims to involve an increasing number of faith groups and organizations in the ministry of Habitat and to help maintain Habitat’s focus on a commitment to identify Habitat as a Christian ministry and to exhibit a powerful presence through prayer and daily interactions with all people of all faiths, to communicate to churches about how a partnership with Habitat can benefit the community of faith, and to offer a unique opportunity for people to experience their faith in new and exciting ways.


Work with Habitat partner families to be certain that they understand the process of application, qualifications and requirements of a Habitat project. Volunteers also monitor the family’s progress in meeting these requirements and helps them in the transition to true homeownership.


Members include people with an interest in home construction. This can include everyone from unskilled and skilled volunteers to professionals.


Help to recruit, coordinate, manage and retain volunteers for Habitat operations, projects and events. We intend to reach out to as many different age ranges, socioeconomic levels, levels of ability, race, ethnic and faith based groups as possible through a speakers bureau.


Help involve youth 14-20 in Habitat for Humanity projects by providing safe, legal and age-appropriate activities for young people.

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