About Volunteering

The work of Oneida County Habitat for Humanity (OCHFH) is made possible through the endless support and assistance of our amazing volunteers.

Thanks to our volunteer labor, we are able to stretch every donated dollar twice as far.  There are many opportunities for volunteering with OCHFH – each providing an activity or function to fit your comfort and commitment level.

**Please note that volunteers must be at least 16 years of age  to volunteer on site. Volunteers ages 16-17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


To Sign Up to Volunteer:

Click to Volunteer

Fill in your information

Check out the volunteer opportunity schedule and sign up for the shift or opportunity you are interested in.  If the shift you want is full, or reserved, you will not be able to volunteer for that shift and must choose a different one, or you can wait and check back for an open shift. (please be patient, Saturdays are our most popular days and we rarely have open shifts on these days).

Shifts sign ups are first come, first serve.

Once you have signed up a volunteer coordinator will contact you to confirm the time and location for volunteering.

Please dress appropriately for your shift and show up on time.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Everyone wants to volunteer on a Saturday. But Saturdays are our most popular day for volunteers and so you may not be able to get the Saturday you want. Please consider signing up for a different day of the week, or even taking a day off of work to come volunteer. We promise it will be worth it!!

Be patient.

Our volunteers are our most important asset. But there are lots of you and very few of us. If you email us with a question or to change a volunteer date it may take us a bit to get back with you. So please be persistent, check in regularly, but please be kind. If its urgent give us a call in addition to emailing.

Be flexible.

Construction is unpredictable, and volunteer based construction can be even more unpredictable. So we ask for your understanding. Our staff is good, but it is nearly impossible to say exactly what you will be doing on site until that morning, and even then it may change. We can’t always count on materials arriving on time, we can’t control the weather, and can’t change the speed of a crew or how long it takes to get permits. The build site is full of unknowns that affect our progress and all we can do is ask for your flexibility.

Be understanding.

Things change everyday and every hour, and sometimes every minute.  The work we do is contingent on the weather, how many volunteers we have, and whether or not we have the materials and tools we need.  So if things aren’t moving as you think they should please understand that we are doing our best.  Also keep in mind that everyone has their good and bad days: you, us, fellow volunteers.  So please remember and respect this.

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